What To Do If You See Your Ex On A Dating Website

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The Most Asked Questions:

What does it mean when he logs off when you log in?

What does it mean when he’s viewing your profile daily?

How do you approach an ex if they would deny or lie about it?

What to say if he mentions he saw you on there too?

What does it mean if he’s still active on Tinder but having really great positive interactions with you?

Why does he activate his account for a while and then deactivate it only to reactivate it?

Why is he deactivating all social media (FB, Instagram) after the breakup but keeping dating apps active?

How do you remain calm when you notice your ex on a dating website?

Does having him go on a dating website mean he’s moved on?

Do you swipe right or left on your ex during the meetup phase?
-Yes swipe right

What is your ex thinking if they see you?


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